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Hit The Right Notes With Your Copywriting

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Are you looking to produce new copy for your website?
This guide will cover the key areas for creating impact rich content.

Getting your story across is even more important when your charity or ethical business is looking for public support and engagement; understanding your desired outcome for each piece of copy is vital to define for a successful piece of content.

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In this guide, we discuss four key points to consider when creating content, along with practical advice on how to implement and follow a simple checklist to create great copy.

  1. Keep to the Point
  2. Write for Action
  3. Easy Reading
  4. Design for Results

Keep to the Point

Simple is Best.

With any copy you must ask yourself what it is the reader is wanting to know – keep it simple and tell them this, don’t add information just because you have it.

If you have multiple points, break them up into paragraphs. Each paragraph should only tell one point and this should be done in no more than 3 sentences.

Write for Action

Grab Attention.

Using headings is key, use these to capture interest and lead with your main point – never rely on people reading top to bottom of your copy.

Write with the mind you want your user to do something, give them a call to action whilst they are engaged; this could be giving them a number to call; a sign-up option for your mailing list; a donation facility or maybe leave feedback; it’s up to you.

Easy Reading

Never presume.

Keep your vocabulary simple, make it easy for your reader to understand and decide on your tone of voice and stick to it.

Your kind donations make a difference” or “Every donation we receive changes lives”.

Design for Success

Consistency is key.

Making your user experience as easy as possible is a great way of keeping them on your site longer. Make your layout regular and give each section a logical structure – A heading, body text and a call to action. Make these consistent in size, colour, and design.

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GDPR: An Opportunity For Re-Engaging Your Database


I’m sure you’ve heard the acronym of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) floating around your business recently. It’s being met with great trepidation, but with the date for change looming we believe this is a great opportunity for charities and other community-driven businesses to re-engage and refine their client base.

In this guide, we will explore the immediate benefits of revisiting the data you hold and why reaching back out to your existing database could be the best thing you’ve ever done.

Data Review

It’s time to have a clear out.

Having a spring clean does wonders for the house and so it will for your business data too.

For too long the emphasis of mass capturing of data has been seen as important, but why would we want to store or use information that has no meaning to our business. This is not a minimalist attitude, but a sensible use of your time and digital space.

Relevant data and an engaged audience.

Once you’ve reviewed and cleaned up your data, you will be left with relevant, usable information.

The real beauty of targeted data collection lay in understanding our users, their needs and how our product relates to them. By making sure your data is precise and relevant it will allow you to make informed and targeted business decisions.

Reaching Out

Reigniting the ones who care.

Having a second opportunity to requalify and engage with your database is not one you should miss.

As part of asking your users to reopt-in to your mailing lists or community, it is the perfect opportunity to reach out and reignite their interest in what you offer, get them to sign up to something new or maybe increase their donations to your cause.

Develop trust.

Being open and transparent about data usage is sure to develop trust.

What’s more valuable than an engaged customer is an engaged customer who trusts your brand, believes you will respect them and give them what they asked for.

The introduction of GDPR on May 25th should not be seen with fear, but as a positive move for all, customers and businesses alike. It is a positive turn towards treating our personal data with respect. A more honest, transparent digital space is a leaner and more positive data source for our business and more trustworthy and safe place for our users.

For more information about GDPR here’s a useful link.

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