Websites for ethical businesses and conscious brands.

At Lift, we’ve chosen to produce websites for ethical businesses, conscious brands, and those who are doing something positive, useful and constructive in the world.

We produce our best work when we believe in our clients purpose; it makes our job meaningful and enjoyable. We get to engage with enthusiastic, dedicated people who are passionate about what they are doing and working hard to make a difference in the world.


We founded Lift on four key principles, and they are key to why people choose to work with us:


We value our clients and look to build genuine relationships. We foster a collaborative approach allowing us to develop a deep understanding of each business. This means we can produce truly effective websites that add great value and quality to your business.


We actively look for opportunities to donate our time and skills to support social projects and charities who are making a difference in the community. We collaborate with experts from various fields to ensure worthy positive ideas get the attention they deserve.


We work to achieve our own high level of ‘corporate social responsibility’. We run our business paper-free and pay all our employees and freelancers the living wage, as well as carefully choosing our suppliers, from printers promoting sustainable forestry practices to green website hosting.


Our vision of success is equally concerned about the positive impact on people and planet, as it is on profit. We believe in supporting people, community and society; and want our work to do good, not just add zeros to our bank balance.


Education Branding and Website

Education Branding and Website

Ethical E-Commerce Directory

Ethical E-Commerce Directory

For-Purpose Business Website Design

Sustainability Education Centre Website

Ethical E-Commerce Website Design

Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Website

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